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Introducing Idaho’s Very Own

For starters would you like to Write off all of your Health Insurance Premiums from your State taxes?
Read on... This can really add up!!

What is a Medical Savings Account?
It's a special bank account to pay all of your Medical related bills from.
A New and Innovative State Sanctioned Tax Savings plan.
Imagine! A way to pay LESS or even pay NO Idaho State Taxes,
All because your medical bills are paid with tax free money.
Why should I have an Idaho MSA? –  (Why Not!)
In most cases it will put money in your pocket at Tax Time.
‘Works well with or without the Federal HSA’

By holding on to your Idaho tax dollars
because Medical costs are now dollar for dollar Tax Deductible,

Click here for more detailed Information and to APPLY for your own MSA

With an MSA,
Health Insurance Premiums ~ are Deductible
Long-term Care Premiums ~ are Deductible
Any Health Care costs that your insurance does not cover ~ are Deductible
Chiropractor, Dental, Vision, Hearing CoPays etc. ~ are Deductible
Deductibles & CoPays ~ are Deductible
Prescriptions ~ are Deductible
Most Expenses for travel on Medically necessary Surgery/Procedures ~ are Deductible

 Who Qualifies?
Anyone with or without Medical coverage
Full, Part time or even Unemployed
Even if you’re a Veteran
or retired and/or on Medicare
Virtually No restrictions
You do not need a special insurance plan to qualify!!

How much can I Contribute yearly?
If Filing Single: $10,000 a yr.
Filing Joint: $20,000 a yr.
$$ Rolls over year after year.
Or, Treat it like a savings acct.
No withdrawal penalty after age 59.5

All this for Only $36 a YEAR and a minimum deposit of $50 into your account.
You will receive a debit card and a check book with this account.

*You fill out a simple application and, American Health Value, will do the rest for you.
AHV is extremely knowledgeable and will, at no cost to you, help you understand
the things that you need to know to maximize your medical tax savings.


Click here for more detailed Information and to APPLY for your own MSA

 *AHV works exclusively with Idaho Independent Bank an Idaho owned Bank.

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